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Bookkeeping Services

How is your business doing right now? How does it compare to a year ago? To answer these questions, you turn to your books. Bookkeeping provides business owners with a snapshot of their business’s financials during a particular time period. Future business decisions are based on profitability and financial trends, so it’s critical that your books are up to date and accurate.

Unless you’re an accountant, you didn’t go into business to spend your time bookkeeping. And if you’re like many small businesses, you probably can’t afford a full-time in-house accountant or controller. Let Kilday, Baxter & Associates fill that void and ensure you always have accurate and timely financial information at your fingertips.

Our bookkeeping services include:

By utilizing our firm for bookkeeping services, you can spend your time doing what you are most passionate about — managing your business and ensuring your long-term success! We can serve as your entire accounting department, a portion of it or keep an eye on it for you. We’ll manage your books and make sure you are always aware of your business’s profitability throughout the year. We’ll also alert you to any potential tax problems that are brewing and provide guidance on how you should handle them.

We are available year-round to help you with your bookkeeping needs and answer your questions. Contact us to speak with one of our experts or schedule an appointment.