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Tax Planning Services

It’s always important to think ahead when it comes to your taxes, and especially so if your current tax situation is different than in prior years. Tax planning is vital to ensure you have cash available to pay your tax liabilities at tax time without getting into a financial crunch. Individual tax planning goes a long way in maximizing your savings at year’s end, especially if you start looking ahead early.

By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.

At Kilday, Baxter & Associates, our individual tax planning services include:

Our experienced tax and accounting experts can look at your anticipated profit, give you estimates of what taxes may be due and provide recommendations for tax savings. We interface with many trusted financial planners to provide you with the best possible advice and service. The goal when we meet with our clients is to educate them about their tax obligations and provide guidance so that they can make educated decisions for themselves.

We are available year-round to help you with your individual tax planning needs and answer your questions. Contact us to speak with one of our experts or schedule an appointment.